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Goodday to you my distinguished readers

For some months now I've been talking about my ebook (Nairabet Vfleague success strategy ebook) and I've also been inconsistent with posting daily.  As a successful trader, exploring new trends which can boost the actualisation of good profits daily is my main goal and if I keep posting daily then what time would I have left for research and actual trading.

So please note that this is not a daily blog site, I only post after research and testing that's why my articles are original as I do not encourage plagiarism.

As a forex trader, my broker only gives me advice based on the fact that I have a live trading account with their brokerage company which also gives me access to special offers and newsletters. My neighbour is a doctor but when I go to his hospital for check up or consultation, I pay a consultation fee. What I am trying to say is that I will also answer questions on my blog via comments, emails, sms or any other medium. In order to keep focus I will only consult freely for readers who have bought any book from this previously. Some people call me and expect me to reveal my secret strategy for free or give them tips. Please call your contact your bookie for free tips or use any other source. If I have any free tip I will post it on my site.

How do you define success?

  • Your definition of success.
Most punters define success as winning a bet and failure as losing a bet.


Trader A
In a case where you deposit money say N1000 into your bet account, place an accumulator bet that wins you N3000. Then you keep trading and lose till your account is drained to N100. After which you start placing small stakes of N20 till you make N500 where you win 10bets successfully.WOULD YOU CALL YOURSELF A SUCCESSFUL TRADER?

  • Now see my own definition of success.
Trader B
Say you deposit N1000 in your bet account, place several bets without going below 50% of your initial account. Win and lose some bets and finally make N3000. Then withdraw your profit of N2000, continue betting and unfortunately lose your bets and stop at N500 to take a break for the day.

Now answer this question: Who is a more successful trader between Trader A and Trader B?

I define a successful trader by the number of profitable withdrawals and fewer deposits he makes within an interval. Depending on your withdrawal system and style.

I recently acquired some books and tools that aid forex traders. I have been studying and applying some strategies as a day trader and I've been enjoying some profits till date. I increased my capital yesterday and increased my lot size today, with the signal given to me by some useful indicators and the news of depreciation of GBP, I made good profits from the downward trend of GBP/USD today. Cleared some profits from PSG's winning and both team score single bets on Tuesday/Wednesday and after posting this, I'll rest for a while, trade on Nairabet vfleague for awhile and also engage in some live betting tonight while streaming the matches on my Jelly Bean Android device.  I'll be enjoying the Valentine groove and by Sunday night I'll make some withdrawals.
Now that's how I define success and my secret is that I cheat no one and help others succeed.

Happy St. Valentine's day

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Still committed to your success.


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