Increase The Browsing Data Thresholds, Telecomms

It's no longer news that the MTN Magic sim has stopped working for 32k, 64k and 128k sims. Whilst many people enjoyed the free browsing, downloads and streaming for the period while it lasted, others got cut off on the very day they activated theirs but it all boils down to one statement 'the MTN magic sim didn't wreck MTN, so why is internet subscription still expensive in Nigeria'.
The MTN 3G network isn't available in my neighbourhood so I subscribe to the Airtel BB plan which offers 1GB for a month. 1GB is more than enough for BlackBerry smartphone users but seems like 10MB for android and iphone users. There is no doubt that Android phone market is dominating Nigeria since Tecno produced some cheap android phones which happen to be trending.

The android smartphones have more applications than the blackberry device most of which consume more data than the former. Glo on the other gives their BlackBerry users 3GB for one month.
My argument is that many of the blackberry users don't use up their monthly data plans so will it be a crime if GSM network providers give us Android and IoS users 5GB monthly for the Blackberry subscription price? Come to think of it, presently they are all trying the promote Sim portability without knowing that besides cheap call  tariffs the second most important reason why people purchase several GSM network lines is data subscription tariff.
A breakdown of BlackBerry data plans for various networks.
MTN BB complete - N1000 for 350MB per month
Airtel BB complete - N1400 for 1GB per month
GLO BB complete - N1400 for 3GB per month.

Normal subscriptions for PCs and other devices cost atleast N3000 for a 1GB. Like I'll always say, if your browsing doesn't pay for your monthly subscriptions, get a Nokia Torch phone and visit the newspaper vendor.
Good netpreneurs know the value of browsing the internet and hence the worth of each megabyte spent on seeking information or making online transactions. I currently subscribe to the Airtel 3GB for 3months plan which doesn't even last for 6weeks since I make a minimum of Nxxxxx per week online I don't feel it that much. However when I choose to entertain myself on youtube or watch online TV, the low data plan seems to be an issue. 

These Telecomms companies make so much money everyday from calls, data subscription and sms and I feel that increasing the threshold of data for browsing won't cut off their necks. Smartphones come with 5 inch screens nowadays and football lovers who can't get home to watch their favourite soccer matches can harness the use of their smartphones to watch live matches while on the go but this can only be achieved by the  allocation of reasonable data plans to high ends android and IoS smartphone users.

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