How To Buy Merrybet Prepaid Voucher

You can now fund your merrybet account instantly with our new prepaid voucher, it is as easy as loading recharge card on your Mobile phone

Where and how to buy merrybet prepaid card?

Walk in to any Zenith bank branch in Nigeria, tell them you want to buy Merrybet gold Limited Sports Betting voucher on zenith xpath platform.

You would be given preferential treatment.

Remember tell them Zenith Xpath platform.  The Cashier would give you a deposit slip which you would fill  the information

Account Name     :   Merrybet Gold LTD
Account Number  :   1130046627

Available denominations N1000, N2000, N5000, N10000, N15000, N20000, N25000, N30000, N35000, N40000, N50000.

if you Fill any  any other denomination in the deposit form, the cashier would tell you its not available. After making payment, the voucher would be given to you.

Load Voucher on deposit page on

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