Sports Betting FAQ

Lately, I've been receiving calls, IMs and emails from several people concerning sports betting so I'm going to answer those questions here in a systemic manner.

Q: What is sports betting?
A: Sports betting as the name implies involves staking money on possible outcomes of a sport events.

Q: How is sports betting carried out?
A: Sports betting can be done online via the Internet or offline via available betshops.

Q: How do I start sports betting?
A: Betting on sports is very easy depending the method you choose and your bankroll.

Q: What do you mean by bankroll?
A: Bankroll is the specific amount set out to use for sports betting.

Q: Do I stake my bankroll on very bet?
A: Yes and No. Yes if what remains of bankroll is the minimum stake required. No, if your bankroll is large, MM is advised.

Q: What is MM?
A: MM means Money Management.

Q: How do I use MM on my bankroll?
A: To use MM on your bankroll, you need to divide ur bankroll in two halves and stake 5% of one part on each bet. For example, you have $1000 to start for the season. You split it into two halves. Start betting with 5% of $500 per bet which is $2.5.

Q: Can MM be used on a medium bank?
A: Yes it can.

Q: Can I make money through sports betting?
A: Yes you can but you must be patient to get value bet odds.

Q: What are value bet odds?
A: Value bet odds in my own terms are odds that are worth risking your money on. For instance, betting on an odd of 1.50 and above is more profitable than staking on a 1.1 odd accept you have to place combo bets.

Q: What is a combo bet?
A: A combo bet is a combination bet involving more than one selection. In combo bets, the odds of each selection is multipled by the other to get the total odds. There are various types of bets which include doubles, trebles, trixie, heinz, 4 or more folds, super heinz, yankee, lucky 15, goliath and so on.

Q: As a newbie, what kind of bets should I place?
A: The best form of bet is both newbies and pros is a single bet.

Q: Why single bets?
A: Single bets help you to take your time to analyse games properly. Choosing one bet from over games isn't that difficult. It also helps to eradicate greed. It can be said that people who bet on singles trade while those who bet on large accumulators gamble.

Q: How do I analyse games?
A: To analyse games isn't a herculean task if you know the ropes. First pick a sport you understand, then use sites that have a statistical database of previous played games. Also follow line ups and club news to gauge the morale of players.

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