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MyTrafficValue, MTV, is one of the many ways I invest my money over the long term. I've been skeptical to blog about it because of the way people react to transactions that deal with ecurrencies. MyTrafficValue is one investment site has stood the test of time having studied them for 3 years. I've told you my story about HYIPs but this is quite different. Can you remember when Liberty Reserve went down? I actually thought I was going to lose my investment with MyTrafficValue since I invested funds using Liberty Reserve ecurrency. I was highly surprised when I was charged 10% for the swap to Perfect Money and I easily made my withdrawals. These guys basically saved my money when Liberty reserve crashed. Impressive!

It will amaze you to know that you can also fund your MTV account using a Paypal for people who don't like ecurrencies. Other ecurrencies include STP, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Egopay and Western Union.

There are different ways in which MyTrafficValue generates its own money to pay up investors and I believe MyTrafficValue has a strong monetization structure the share price is very cheap ($1/unit). Unlike Uinvest which was more expensive but eventually crashed, MyTrafficValue has been steady with no negative reviews and timely payout.

Just like buying shares from a bank, it takes a while before a cycle is completed so it's advisable to invest money that you won't  be needing for atleast 3months for your interest to mature.
To maximize your interest, avoid gambling on the casino games so that you can get the whole interest and not lose some portion of it trying to make it quick in the MTV casino as the games are based on luck and probability.

Program Overview

The platform is registered under the company name Future Business Ltd, registration number 5383102Unlike any other online business programs out there, MTV is very sustainable. It's not a quick-rich scheme or a ponzi model - but instead, MTV is a long term profitable program.

Crowdfunding, Product Monetizing and Transparency

One of many features that makes MTV really stand out of the crowd is its transparency. Skeptical members and even visitors might want to look at MTV's Monetization Portfolio to see its unprecedented transparency, i.e. 

  • List of all products
  • Product description and usage stats
  • Summary of product development costs vs revenues
  • Daily revenues summaries
  • Real time revenue info for every single transaction


How To Make Money at MTV186% and 250% Fast-Track Investment Plans

Using members' investments - $1 upward, MTV builds / invest into the development of various businesses, games, products and services of its monetization portfolio. 100% of the revenues generated from this entire portfolio are what repay investors  (plus profit).

MY TRAFFIC VALUE FT 186 & FT 250 Investment PlansAll members can participate in FT 186 plan. The lucrative FT 250 plan is only available to premium members though, indicated by a $500 annually upgrade fee. It will be profitable if you're planning to invest $2,000 upward in FT 250 plan.
The important thing to understand with these plans is that you will not receive daily payments, but rather lump sum payments of 186% or 250% when it’s your turn to get fast tracked (where everyone before you in the queue have been fast tracked).
Current average ETA  to be fast-tracked is 100-200 days, roughly around 3-7 months. It is frankly amazing for a 86% or 150% pure profit from real revenues. Compare that with only 2-5% yearly interest rate when you deposit your money in conventional banks.

Become a Shareholder - Trade Shares

MY TRAFFIC VALUE Profit SharesShareholders are like admins of MTV. And like any admin, you earn a commission on every unit (dollar) of investment made into the main fast-track investment plans (FT 186 + FT 250). These shares will pay weekly dividends on Mondays and the dividends usually amount to 10-20% of share value per year. 
When you can purchase and hold a great amount of share, you could potentially make three figures earning weekly just from the share dividend! Take a look at what this MTV user (MikeMazzone) earned from his weekly share dividend on January 12th, 2015:

$2,453 Earning from MTV Weekly Share Dividend

But the dividends are not the only reason for why you should buy the shares – it is the value and the potential of the shares that are the main reason to buy them. $0.02 per share on one day could turn into $1 per share some day.
You can even make a quick profit by trading your shares when you know when to buy and when to sell. Simple strategy would be: buy low, sell high, keep profit, rinse and repeat!  
Keep an eye on MTV value swap which happens every once in a while. When the value swap occurs, there will be many panic members who will sell their shares dirt cheap, as low as 2 cents each.
When you have at least 1,000 shares, you will get access to the Shareholder control panel. It's such a great tool to have. 

MTV Shareholder control panel

Play and Win MTV Games
MTV Games
... the content is being updated.

Monitor Voting Game

MTV Monitor Voting Game

PAIDVERTS - Earn Shared Revenue from Purchased Advertisements
PAIDVERTS - From the Makers of My Traffic Value

Refer New Members - Earn Commissions on Referrals Activities
Referral Commission Table - My Traffic ValueRefer Friends to My Traffic Value!

MTV CASHIER - Multiple Payment Options

Cashier - My Traffic Value

My Traffic Value (MTV) is a unique crowdfunding platform. It was founded by Joel William Cook (Jo) on 2010 and co-owned by Carlos Garcia who joined at a later time. MTV was officially launched on February 9th, 2012.
MTV uses the lure of money making to bring lots of investing members, a.k.a. crowdfunding. They (members) invest from $1 upward, which MTV platform uses to develop highly profitable products, quality services and games. 100% revenues of these products and services are shared back with members / investors daily until they make their money back, plus 86% or 150% profit. 

There are more than one way to make money at MTV. Generally, you can make money using one of the followings; investing in fast-track plans and trading shares, playing games built by MTV portfolio, monitor voting game, referring new members, as well as advertisement revenue sharing.
Both 186% (FT 186) and 250% (FT 250) fast-track plans are the core of MTV crowdfunding scheme.
You can become a Shareholder by purchasing shares at the Shareholder Marketplace. There are 380,000,000 shares that produce 100% of the profitability of MTV business.  

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