What Does 'Going Electronic' Really Mean?

Are you a business person, still using the conventional methods of transacting business which was laid down by our ancestors? This article should and will change your perspective on the status quo on which you still operate. Back in the day, business transactions were mainly based on buying and selling, trade and barter system. Following biblical accounts before Christ and during His lifetime, it can be ascertained that money was already been used in the Roman Empire. Monetary terms like denary, shekel, silver coins and so on were used as a means of exchange. Thus the saying give what is Caesar what belongs to Caesar". Yes indeed Caesar's image was every coin in Rome.  Even the parable of the talents gives an ideology behind business and the acquisition of profits, losses or breaking even.

In this present day, cash is still being used as a medium of exchange for traders, businessmen and sundry. Its no more news that most societies have totally gone cashless with the use of credit cards, online tokens, ecurrencies, VCCs and so on. This article is meant to enlighten you on the need to join the cashless trend.
Ever been to a mall to do some shopping and noticed a group of persons filling up several  trolleys, carts and baskets with goods and you tend to wonder how the goods will be paid for only to find that they get cleared through the use of a debit card? Thats the power of e.

What is 'e'?
e in this article stands for electronic. The electronic means of carrying out several tasks has been confirmed as more efficient, effective and productive. Thanks to Interswitch, Visa and Mastercard. The electronic means of payment has come to stay in Nigeria. Emails known as electronic mails have kinda swept the feet of telegram and the conventional post office system. Even courier servicing companies like UPS, FedEX, etc use electronic means to communicate with other branches and track their ships, cargo and mails.

Innovation of 'e'
Besides the early uses of electronic devices in telecommunications, there has been a tremendous improvement in the overall uses of such devices. In fact, virtually all fields require the use of high-end electronic devices. Be it, the mining industry down to fishing. Without the use of electronic devices it would be impossible to program satellites that hover around the earth's orbit.

Keeping in touch with friends and family hasn't been as easy as it is presently with the introduction of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and so on, one could hardly stay for a moment without getting a ping from a long distant friend or family. The list to the possibilities that e brings are limitless.

'e' in business automation - ecommerce

'The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency' -  Bill Gates.

Are you still thinking of setting up a PoS terminal in your business premises? Think of all the stress it will save customers with a cashless mindset. Imagine the kind of cumulative long queues one would have to combat with at Shoprite/game on a busy weekend if they still use manual calculators and conventional pricing system 'bargain system'.

Still using a manual calculator, why not get a bar code scanner? Though its not applicable for traders who still engage in the bargain system  but its ideal for super stores, supermarkets and shopping mall transactions.

The Foreign and Stock Exchange markets cannot be left out of these juicy efficient means of transaction. Gone are the days of calling brokers for order placements as such activities can be carried out using a computer system through a trading software. Binary options inclusive.

Still thinking of key areas in your business where you need to introduce the use of electronics? They are limitless. ecommerce can easily be integrated into any website offering goods and services through the use of scripts such as woocommerce, magento, etc

Automation is ideal for today's business, take it or leave it.

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