Sports Tipster Who's Never Lost A Bet.

Having placed 100 bets on sports and never lost any tip, this tipster happens to be the best I've ever heard of. He's got so many followers on Twitter and over a million fans on Facebook. Wouldn't you like to follow that amazing tipster who has never lost a bet?

It even gets more fascinating to know that out of 30 tips shared daily, 25 are free and the remaining 5 are premium. Still wondering who he is? Don't worry! I'll share his Facebook book page and Twitter handle at the end of this post.

While there is a flawless tipster out there, tipping perfectly on odds ranging from 1.7 and above you would imagine how much you'll make if you stake $10 on atleast 100 tips monthly. That's approximately $1000 in profit.

Here is the good news, there's no special market, sport or strategy used to achieve a 100% strike rate as it's more of a hoax and it is almost impracticable. Even with inside information from clubs, it's arguably to believe that one wins 30 bets daily for a month without a single loss.

However, a punter can easily win 7 out of 10 bets daily depending and timing, expertise and luck. Yes, I've nailed it 10/10 before using inplay but I must confess that it was partly luck. Now imagine winning 7 out of 10 bets ranging from 1.7 odds and above daily using fixed stakes of $10.

$10 x 10bets = $100; initial bankroll,

$10 x 1.7 = $17; $7 profit on each WON bet,

$7 profit x 7 won bets  = $49 profit on 7 WON bets,

$10 x 3 lost bets  = $30; loss on 3 lost bets,

$49 - $30 = $19 "profit with a bankroll of $100",

$19 x 30 days = $570 after 30days.

From the calculations above, it can be deduced that if a punter can successfully win 7 out of 10 bets with odds of 1.7 daily using $10 per bet, he will make $19.
Subsequently, if he maintains a 70% strike rate daily for 30days staking $10 on 10 bets daily, he will make a profit of $570 with an initial bankroll of $100. Which commercial bank offers such interest.

Now here is what you seek, the name of the tipster who wins over 100 bets monthly without losing a tip "Mr. NOONE I'VE MET PERSONALLY". Meanwhile "Mr. YOU" is that punter who can nail 7 out of 10 bets daily.

Surprised? Yes you can pull it off. All you need is statistics, patience, perfect timing, fast internet connection, good practice instincts and a very good bookie with various inplay markets.

Learn to make good profits from your sports trading business. Take charge today. Hone your predicting skills.

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