How MyTrafficValue Works

I'd like to quickly explain how MyTrafficValue works, specifically
regarding our Fast Track 250% plan!

1) The fast track queue:
When you invest, you join the end of the queue. As soon as you reach the
front of the queue, the power of our entire portfolio will repay you 250% of
your deposit back!

2) Our portfolio:
Your investments finance the development of our communal portfolio. Building
games, products, services and subsidiary businesses like .
The more investments we get, the bigger this portfolio becomes, and the
greater its earning potential!

3) Our daily results:
100% of the revenues from our entire portfolio, are calculated daily! And
presented to you in a daily result card, here's todays:
All of these revenues, then go towards repaying the person at the front of
the fast track queue. Once that person is paid, they are removed from the
queue, and the next person lines up to receive all our daily revenues until
they too receive 250% back.

This means, that as investors are repaid and removed from the system; our
portfolio remains behind, to keep earning for all future investors! Making
the business bigger, stronger, safer and faster every step of the way!

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