Binary Options on Sports Betting Platforms

I spent some time trading on the Financials section of both and -the only two i acknowledge and verified personally- then came to a hypothesis that trading binary options on Sports bookmaker platforms is simple and maybe less manipulated compared to fulltime binary options brokers
-no names mentioned- True or False?
Well, our job as punters on the binary options/Financials platform may be just to predict the direction to which the price of a commodity will move to, it is "kinda" mandatory to know a bit about market prices and what influences price movement in foreign exchange. Price movement however, isn't the topic for now. offers a wide range of commodities with some timeframes to work with, a flash chart with comes in handy with the barrier lines displaying as an option tends towards expiry. Though not as sophisticated as the binary option platform but it's unique selling point is the cashout feature.
The Cashout Feature helps either cut down losses on losing trades or cut in profits on winning trades yet to expire. The winning side of the cashout feature doesn't give you full price but it is better when you aren't too sure of the overall outcome to take some profit than let it run into a loss especially when the difference between the entry point and running point is minimal. is one of the major bookmakers that really set a high standard in the Nigerian Gambling Industry. offers a wider market for binary options compared to with the following features.

The 60 seconds Option timeframe: offers the 60seconds option timeframe compared to the 5minutes minimum time frame on bet365. Here an option's price movement is selected and the market closes after 60seconds. Though I call it gambling but you don't try this when the market is consolidating.
The Option Builder:  It's a lovely tool used to setup your custom option market for easy trading. Here you choose the commodity/currency, select either "Call" or "Put", specify Amount and so on.
The binary options windows also gives you access to 4 different charts so you can monitor your different commodities at a time hence increasing productivity and faster access. The trading history just below helps you to keep track of already open trade positions.
Did I forget to add the sweetest thing about trading binary options? Oops!
The sweetest thing about trading options is that the odds range from 1.70 and above and all you have to do is predict the price movement. 

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