The Real Truth About Sports Betting

Over the years, I've actively being a sports bettor. Many blogs, websites and people will tell you that making money from sports betting is very easy while others will say it is hard. 

Let me tell you the simple raw truth about sports betting in a very short write up.

  • 95% of people who start gambling on sports without prior experience lose their money within the first three months,
  • 3% of those who win money from sports betting lose it back because they go all in with increasing stakes,
  • 1% smartly utilize their winnings from sports betting by investing the winnings in other business,
  • The final 1% live on their winnings, investing some, betting with some, saving some and so on.

THE SINGLE SIMPLE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT  SPORTS BETTING is that if you don't treat it as one of your many entrepreneurial activities not to be taken too seriously, you will always lose money.

The rule of thumb of gambling is this: Though you gamble to make money but each time you make a winning, try as much as possible to invest it in other businesses.

I personally advice that sports betting winnings should be used as source of income to establish other business, pay simple bills BUT should in no way be treated as a CAREER opportunity or full time JOB.

Though gambling was initially established as a source of revenue, entertainment and leisure activity, 

  • DON'T take it as a hobby,
  • DON'T take it as a full time/part time rather be a parttime paid tipster,
  • DON'T put your hope on it,
  • DON'T ever gamble like your life depends on it,
  • NEVER gamble with money set out for something important.

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