What Happens To Postponed Matches In A Combo Bet?

I often see this question in betting forums "What happens to the postponed match and how is the bet settled?" Well, settled may differ with several bookies but ideally the postponed is tagged as void or cancelled and counted as 1.00. Hence the odd of the postponed match becomes 1.00 and the rest of the betslip is settled.

Depending on the bookie, it takes averagely 24hours for a betslip with a postponed match to be settled. The period is allowed in case the match takes place within 24hours. A postponed match however reduces the total odds of betslip but it could be a blessing if that postponed would have casted your bet.

Matches get postponed for several reasons mainly due to climatic factors though. A postponed match is usually rescheduled and fixed later in the same week or the next month depending on issues during the postponement.

So the next time you see a postponed match on your betslip, don't worry just recalculate the odds and replace the former odds for the postponed match with 1.00 and you're good to go.


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