How To Maximize Your Profits On Nairabet VFLeague

How To Maximize Your Profits On Nairabet VFLeague 

Recently, I wrote an ebook on an 75% strategy to unlock success in trading on Virtual Football using Nairabet VFLeague as a case study.

Over the past few months, I have worked so hard to understand the way the Virtual Football software works and i must confess that it's really smart and unpredictable. After having massive losing streaks, I got frustrated and tried to seek help with the VFL trading to the extent that I got scammed by a guy who claimed to trade for people. (Australia Epert Compiler, a big time scammer)

After awhile, I made up my mind that I was going to make sure that I got my lost money back from the bookie and after so many trials and tribulations I came up with a smart system. A system that isn't designed for the greedy but for the patient, smart and contented punter.

I can't promise that you will make a huge sum daily but with consistency and discipline, you can make sweet withdrawals every week and enjoy the fun of responsible gambling. A bookie's intention is to make money, YES, and likewise that of a punter but the bookie's make the most out of greedy punters, those who accumulate matches till the odds get to a 1000 or more thinking they can wreck the bookie as if their grandparents are the ones playing the matches.

Nairabet VFLeague is amazing, it gives you a chance to work for your money. Let me give out one little secret to beginners: Single bets, Single bets, Single bets. When you get to an advance level you can try something like this.

No one can give you picks on Nairabet VFLeague or any other Virtual Sports Software, it takes constant practice to have pulled off a strategy like I did in the picture above. Anyone who has played the VFLeague will tell you how almost impossible it is for VFL Edinburgh to beat VFL Berlin but there it is, I did it.

My VFLeague ebook comes in a 2 in 1 package and is easy to use for those who are new to spreadsheet packages, it is self explanatory and pictorial in content. It also contains useful tips on how to understand the VFL teams and a bet calculator.

I know some people will ask why I am selling the ebook and not giving it out for free. Well, every good work has a price, never gave me bonus for all those times i kept depositing and losing until I found a way to get my own bonus (winnings). The price for the Nairabet VFL Strategy package is just N4000. The price increases with increase in demand, Hurry now and make your order*

It's not a do or die affair, you can still continue guessing and losing or learn how to guess and win. Gambling is pure mathematics mixed with luck (probability) playing in the field of statistics. Learn to do it right, please always stake wisely and never stake what you can't afford to lose.

Making Money on or VFLeague is easy. Though there is no 100% strategy but with my guidelines you are sure to be in profit.

The truth is that most people lose a lot of money on VFLeague but a select few know the ropes. All it takes is time, patience, study and practice. I've helped you with 3/4 of the things needed. Now all u need to do practice.
My VFLeague strategy ebook covers alot of aspects of the VFLeague in such as a way that even a rookie can make use of it. If you observe the screenshot, you will notice that I used very small stakes. Yes, that is to show newbies that you don't need to rush it as the VFLeague is not a get rich quick scheme.

13 Rules To Make Money on , Nairabet,  Surebet247 VFLeague

1. Understand the Platform: You need to know the VFLeague platform well.

2. Know the Strong and Weak Teams

3. Study the past and recent statistics

4. Study the table.

5. Build a strategy by finding patterns and favorable markets.

6. Know the markets

7. Learn to decode outcomes from available handicaps

8. Set a target for each season

9. Be disciplined

10. Don't let greed to make you increase your stakes

11. Know when to enter and quit

12. Ensure that you withdraw funds daily after hitting your target

13. Save your data bundle by turning off the Flash video

You can get my VFLeague Strategy ebook now for just N4000, get a free bet calculator and the manual as bonus. Click here for payment details and more enquiries.

Don't have a account,  click here to register

For more information, call 07063238224
Emmanuel A.

Make Money Configuring MTK Phones/Tablets (Tecno, Infinix,Huawei) To Browse With Glo Bis

Tired of subscribing for data on your Android device with much money for lesser data allocation. Android users can now enjoy Glo Bis of 3GB on their phone and it also works with PC with the aid of tethering.

To Subscribe for Glo Bis of 3GB at 1K

  • Text  “COMonth” without quote to 777 at N1000/month (3GB plan)     
There are Two Method to make it Work on Android Phone

Method 1 > To Use Glo Bis On Android Phone
  • Make sure you subscribe to it on a blackberry phone, 
  • Use it to browse with that blackberry for some minute before you remove the SIM, 
  • Then Insert that SIM to your Android phone.
  • Configure the APN of your Android phone with and activate it as your default setting.
  • Switch on your data connection (H won't display yet).
  • Off your Android phone again and remove the SIM (make sure the APN is set to ).
  • Insert the SIM to BB phone again (make sure it’s on 3G also and it display BB sign beside it)
  • Browse for some mins (download if possible)
  • The return it back to your Android phone and keep surfing.
Method 2 >To Use Glo Bis On Android Phone

The second method is nothing related to the above. It's tweaking your IMEI Method. 
This involves change the Android IMEI to Blackberry one and it is a sure method that make it work flawlessly and you won’t need to worry over  Glo BIS on Android phone anymore; but it’s very risky because it can brick your phone and the method is only recommended for Advance users only.

To Generate Blackberry IMEI For Your Android Phone
  • Download This Software to your PC here
  • Unrar the file, copy and paste the three .sys files inside the folder to your C:\Windows folder
    Double click on GIPv4.1 to open
  • Click on generate IMEI
  • Copy down the blackberry IMEI you see without the pin except you have an ulterior motive.

How to Change Your Android Phone IMEI Number To Blackberry

Disclaimer: Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries, and I will not be held responsible for any consequences that befall the charger.
Also, backup your original IMEI in case anything goes wrong then revert using the above procedures for changing.

Before you begin, backup your Android phone using ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) should in case it get bricked.

There are two ways you can easily get this IMEI changing done which are Mobile Uncle and Terminal Emulator.

To Change IMEI Number Through Terminal Emulator of Android Phone-Tab
For Single Sim Device
1. Your phone must be a Rooted Device
2. Download Terminal Emulator from Play Store
3. Open Android Terminal Emulator
4. Type SU then press ENTER button to get Superuser permmison
5. After that, type this command then press ENTER buttonecho ‘AT+EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_NUMBER”‘ >/dev/pttycmd1
or echo AT+EGMR=1*7*IMEI_1 >/dev/pttycmd1

For Dual Sim Phones
1. Rooted Android phone or tablet.
2. Install Android Terminal Emulator app
3. Open Android Terminal Emulator.
4. Type SU then press ENTER
5. Type the following command then Eneter echo ‘AT+EGMR=1,7, “IMEI_NUMBER” ‘ >/dev/pttycmd1
6. If your phone is dual-sim, typ this command then ENTER echo ‘AT+EGMR=1,10, “IMEI_NUMBER” ‘ >/dev/pttycmd1
7. Last step, reboot your phone/tablet and done.

Second Way of Changing IMEI
This works best for some MTK devices, click here for intensive procedures.

That is all.

Can I Activate Glo BIS on My Android After Changing My IMEI?
You can do that but it’s more advisable to subscribe on blackberry device before inserting it on your Android device.

How To Use Glo BIS on PC and iPhone/iPad
This will only work on PC and iPhone/iPad through tethering with the Hotspot on your phone.  

You can earn money by doing this for others. Imagine you charging N1000 

Merrybet Account Registration

I noticed that some people still have difficulties in opening a merrybet account. So I decided to make this quick Video on How To Register a Merrybet Account Online

How To Block Unwanted Network Messages On Your Smartphone.

Here is A Screen Video Captured Tutorial On How To Block Unwanted Network Messages Sent To Your Smartphone. This Process Described In The Video Can Also Be Used To Block Messages From Persons Who Have Been Disturbing You Or Suspected Fraudulent Numbers.
It's Very Frustrating To Constantly Receive Unwanted Messages From Strange Short codes Advertising A Product Or A Subscription Link.

This Is Often The Case With MTN As Tens Of Messages Are Usually Sent From Numbers Like 5029, 5021, 33021, 35241, 5036, 5036, 5038, Etc Sometimes Advertising A Product Or Some Paid Weekly Quotes.

This Is About To Stop As I've Created This Video To Show You How I've Put A Pause To Such Rubbish And Provoking Messages Which Usually Drops When
You Are Either Asleep, Busy or Expecting An Important Text Message.
I Didn't Do a Voice-over on the Video but the steps are easy to perform.


  • Goto “Messages” On Your Smartphone
  • Select the Unwanted Message From 5029, 5021, 33021, etc.
  • View Options, Select /Block Settings/
  • Check the box next to /Message block/
  • Press OK

To Block Subsequent Numbers

  • Goto Settings
  • Select /Call/Message Block/
  • Make sure you check /Block registered numbers and phrases Under Message Block
  • Select /Message Block List/
  • Press Create To Add any Number You want To don’t Want to Receive a Message Again.
  • Press OK

And That’s It.

You will Never Receive Messages from the Registered Numbers.
PS: This works on Samsung Galaxy 5 or Samsung S3 running the Sensation S5 ROM and every other mobile device that has the block/number screening/blacklisting feature.

Quickteller: How To TopUp Quickteller eCash [VIDEO]

If you are desirous of faster, easier and more successful transactions on Quickteller and the web? Then permit us to introduce to you Verve eCash for Quickteller and other web transactions.

Buy airtime, pay bills and transfer funds on Quickteller using your Verve eCash!

Verve eCash:
  • Virtual 
  • Uses a 4-digit PIN 
  • Only your mobile phone number is required to fund & load
  • Aids budget/expense control
  • Safe and secure with a N250k limit
  • Allows for greater transaction success

You can create a Verve eCash on the Quickteller homepage or just do so here:

It’s really simple!

Steps on How To Open And Quickly Verify Your bet365 Account.

Some people still have issues when it comes to funding their bet365 account, hence they have refused to open one or use their existing bet365 account due to so many doubts. To clarify some issues, I will tell you a brief story about how I set up and verified my bet365 account successfully but first let's roll back to the journey so far.

My Betting Journey

Once upon a time, when online sports betting wasn't trending. I opened my first betting account with, funded it with an ecurrency and started trading. The experience was and still is one of the best as offers the fatest deposits and withdrawals when using ecurrencies. After sometime, Nairabet launched its online betting platform so I opened my first Nigerian local betting account with them, funded it through an agent and began trading. 

As time went by, I opened an account with Merrybet, 1960bet, Surebet247 and so on. I also opened an account with WilliamHill, Ladbrokes and BetVictor because it was easy to verify an account with them since only a government approved ID card or a birth certificate was needed.

Finally I opened an account with bet365. I applied for a personalized UBA Africard, retrieved it, loaded the prepaid card and funded my bet365 account after which I claimed the 100% bonus. I used Google Chrome to access my bet365 account and it went smoothly until I logged in with the Opera Mini App. Five minutes after logging in, I received an email from bet365 telling me that my account was accessed from the United States (restricted country) so I had to verify my account within the next 30 days. That's when the timer started.

Anyway, I continued to use my unverified bet365 account till I rolled over my bonus and was eligible to withdraw my winning. But technically I couldn't withdraw my winnings until I verified my bet365 account. After making a detailed inquiry, I hurried off to process my International Passport. I also went to my bank to print out a signed and stamped copy of my bank statement since I was far from my residential utility bill. Having gotten both my International Passport and bank statement, I started a live chat with the highly efficient customer care representative of bet365 who guided me through the process of account verification. 

I uploaded my documents and also told them to help me verify my account before the arrival of my PVC since my account was set to temporarily close soonest. Eventually, my bet365 account was verified and I made my first withdrawal which replaced the money I paid to process my International passport and other documents. Ever since bet365 became my most active foreign bookmaker while Nairabet is still my most active Nigerian bookmaker.

To quickly recap, here are the steps on how to verify your bet365 account.

Open a bet365 account, Click here to open one

  • Go to your local bank and apply for a Visa card (I recommend UBA Africard, Access Visa Card),
  • Fund your account with your Visa card and start trading (Mastercard can be used but you can't withdraw back to it),
  • Go to Immigration Office and apply for an International Passport, (if you don't have a valid National ID card)
  • Go to your bank and get  a copy of your bank statement with your name and address clearly typed on it. (Should be Signed and stamped) or get a recent utility bill (electricity or water)
  • Scan your National ID card/International Passport and your bank statement/utility bill,
  • Login to  your bet365 account, click Services> Members> My AccountKnow Your Customer
  • Upload your documents.
  • Click Live Chat at the top right corner of the Members window,
  • Chat with customer support and tell them to speed up your verification stating your urgent reasons (loyalty to be a consistent customer and why you don't want your account to be closed temporarily since you already have funds in it)
  • You will be told that you account has been verified but it won't show any indication since you have gotten your PVC.
  • To test whether your account has been verified, try to withdraw some funds (minimum $20) If it is processed then your account has been verified.
  • After some months, you will see the message below when you click on  Know Your Customer

That's all for now folks.

The Real Truth About Sports Betting

Over the years, I've actively being a sports bettor. Many blogs, websites and people will tell you that making money from sports betting is very easy while others will say it is hard. 

Let me tell you the simple raw truth about sports betting in a very short write up.

  • 95% of people who start gambling on sports without prior experience lose their money within the first three months,
  • 3% of those who win money from sports betting lose it back because they go all in with increasing stakes,
  • 1% smartly utilize their winnings from sports betting by investing the winnings in other business,
  • The final 1% live on their winnings, investing some, betting with some, saving some and so on.

THE SINGLE SIMPLE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT  SPORTS BETTING is that if you don't treat it as one of your many entrepreneurial activities not to be taken too seriously, you will always lose money.

The rule of thumb of gambling is this: Though you gamble to make money but each time you make a winning, try as much as possible to invest it in other businesses.

I personally advice that sports betting winnings should be used as source of income to establish other business, pay simple bills BUT should in no way be treated as a CAREER opportunity or full time JOB.

Though gambling was initially established as a source of revenue, entertainment and leisure activity, 

  • DON'T take it as a hobby,
  • DON'T take it as a full time/part time rather be a parttime paid tipster,
  • DON'T put your hope on it,
  • DON'T ever gamble like your life depends on it,
  • NEVER gamble with money set out for something important.

Free eBook on Nairabet Virtual Football League (VFL)

 eBook on Nairabet Virtual Football League (VFL)

Are you interested in trading the Nairabet, Merrybet, Surebet247 VFLeague. This free ebook will get you started.


Click here for a more comprehensive guide

Call 07063238224 for more information about VFLeague Success.

Bookmaker Review: Bet9ja

Bet9ja, a new Nigerian online sports bookie is one bookie that most Nigerians will greatly patronize come the beginning of a new season of the big international leagues. At least that's what Nigerian punters say in Nigerian betting forums.

This is unquestionable as many punters are so overwhelmed at the lovely markets this bookie offers its customers. With reasonable odds and decent markets on soccer, it almost feels like there is always a 100% winning selection on features matches with this bookie. I'm gonna have to leave you to compare markets by yourself.

Bet9ja also offers 170% bonus to its customers for bets placed especially accumulators.
The design of Bet9ja is somehow similar to that Merrybet except for the colour, name and icon. However, it has the feel of a foreign bookie just like a bottle of Heineken. The major issue hence is the deposit method.
Deposits can only be made through one agent for now via bank transfer.  Here the customer pays money into the agent's bank account and sends details of the bank transaction to the agent via sms or email. Though this method is kind of primitive now but I believe with time other options will be made available. The use of ATMs to deposit will be a huge plus.
I haven't been too active with this bookie so I can't comment on how long it takes to withdraw funds averagely. There will be more on this bookie as time progresses.
To register an account with Bet9ja, click here.
To register an account with Merrybet, click here.
To register an account with Nairabet, click here.
To register an account with Planetofbets, click here.

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