HYIP: Another online money making strategy

Hi friends,

Thanks to those who sent me success mails and text messages last week as I started my

degree exams, more grease to your elbows. Today happens to be a lovely day and with it

comes the freshness of zeal with which I'm going to be sharing one of many ways of making

money online in this century.

Since I discovered the secret to success using the internet, there has been a tremendous

change in way I surf the net. I remember back in 2004 when I started surfing the internet,

I was young and easy distracted by porn ads, online games, scam pop ups and so on. In 2006,

alot of my friends got into Forex trading, I studied the materials and traded demo accounts

using different platforms like MetaTrader and the likes of them.

Forex Trading to me back was funny because I always had my friends who were into it

patronizing the cyber cafe I worked in with little or no success in their trading, writing

one robot script after another trying to make ends meet. After using the demo account for

awhile one year later, I asked one of them to tell me how far he had gone with Forex and if

he had any recommendations on what broker and platform was more effective. To my surprise,

He smiled and gave me the most discouraging remarks I had ever heard. He said it was a

waste of time to small and big investors as profits and losses are made in the twinkle of

an eye. Anyway he said and i quote "you can give it a try so as to have the life experience

but as for me I'm out, I lost hundreds of dollars and I'm through".

Today, I'm not gonna tell you about Forex or my successful endeavours while trading Forex but

I'm gonna introduce to you what I, my friends and many investors that are making it big

call HYIPs

What is a HYIP???

HYIP is the acronym for High Yield Investment Program, guess it's starting to make sense

especially the "High Yield" part of it. HYIPs just like other MLMs, Triplers, Lottery and

sundry are programs that accept your deposits, use them to trade and give you a percentage

which sums up to profits after a period of time (usually a day, 5 days, 7 days and so on)

atleast that's what their dictionaries say.

I however would describe a HYIP as an arrangement where the owners of the program use the

money deposited by new investors to settle old investors. Over the past few months, making

money from HYIPs has been really enjoyable. Though most HYIPs are regarded as Ponzi schemes

but you wouldn't think so if you are in profit like me and many others.

Presently a lot of HYIPs have come and gone such as MacroTrade, Global Oil Fund, Royalty7

and a whole more. Many investors have gone bankrupt while many others are still investing

and searching for new programs everyday because once you've tasted HYIP money it becomes

somewhat addictive.
A friend of mine claims to make up to $7000 yearly with a capital of

$3000 annually. And yes I believe his claim can be validated. The key is wisdom.

Do HYIPs Scam???

To answer this question, I'll like to ask another question like the Nigerians do "Does

the sun set?" Yes, statistics show that every HYIP will scam one day eventuality. The fact

is that HYIP owner usually have a target and once that target is reached they disappear

into thin air and in most cases start another program.

It all boils down to the fact that nothing good lasts forever even the Blackberry phone

battery eventually runs down after excessive pinging without charging. HYIPs scam and

that's a fact, you just have to act fast and step out.

How Do I Know If A HYIP will scam soon???

In some cases, you'll never know, HYIPs may scam in the day you plan to invest or just

after your last withdrawal. BUT there are ways that we "old time investors" get to know.

Firstly, they begin making selective payments to clients, their support system begins to

drop, the withdrawal time frame tends to be prolonged.

Here are a number of ways to detect a good HYIP or a HYIP that will last...
Payment methods

With past experience comes future wisdom and with that I'll say fully automated HYIP

systems tend to scam faster than those with manual payment method.

Site design

A quality program should have a good site if possible designed with Macromedia flash HYIP

sites use one design and common sense should tell you that they won't last long. I mean if

you don't have enough staff or money to design a quality site, how do i know if you can

deliver efficiently.

Number of monitors

Monitoring sites help to monitor HYIPs, the more the monitors the more the popularity of a

HYIP. Also watch out for their signals

Paying - means that a HYIP is currently paying, some monitors show the last payouts dates.
Waiting - means the HYIP hasn't paid as at time due.
Problem - a starting point of scam, once a HYIP shows problem, BEWARE

 Customer support

A good HYIP usually has customer friendly support personnel that helps you with any form of

difficulty you may encounter while using the program.

Payment Processors

Good HYIPs go a long way with having different payment processors, so far I haven't used

any HYIP that supports Paypal but Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, STP and Egopay are good

processors. Cheap HYIPs have only one or two payment processors. See my previous post for help with

opening a Liberty Reserve account.

HYIP stats

Though most HYIP stats may be altered but a good margin between total money deposited and

total money withdrawn form a HYIP site should give you a point to note. For instance,  a

HYIP site which pays upto 125% ROI daily shows that Total money deposited is $200,000.00
                                                                                    Total money withdrawn is $30,000.00
Common sense should let you suspect the site.

One key advice that I always give people is "DON'T INVEST WHAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE"

and learn to diversify.

Here are a list of HYIPs that I use presently which are still paying
I-Can-Invest Pays 6% daily for 30days
Money Factor 104% after 1 days
Just Been Paid 2% daily
Endless Profits upto 4% daily and so on.

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