Football betting:

Hi friends,

It has been a while since my last blog, been busy but today i wanna share a new approach to online money making with a twist and blend of entertainment.
Soccer is a sport that has billions of fans and viewers across the globe. Some watch it for fun while others watch for business but it is more fun to watch soccer for both reasons.
You don't have to be a soccer fan to bet on a soccer game. All you need to do is follow your instincts and watch the odds.
There are many soccer betting sites online but for now i recommend because funding can be done using Liberty Reserve and MasterCard.
Signing up with is easy and the site doesn't consume too much data bundle.
Just follow this link and click register
Enjoy betting this season.


  1. I have a VFL spreadsheet article a friend gave me,but he refused explaining how it works, do you have any idea about it?

    1. Well, it depends on the vfl software that your bookie uses and the programming. I can't really say much since i haven't seen the spreadsheet, you might wanna upload it and send my a download link so that i can look into it.

    2. lemme have ur mail address, so i can forward it

  2. Ok, you can send it to and have a wonderful Xmas holiday

  3. stackhouse follow this link for your reply because this thread is been moderated and the comment don't relate to the topic of this post. thanks


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