How To Win Your Football Bets Consistently

How To Win Your Football Bets Consistently

How To Win Your Bets Consistently on a Football Match
Football betting can be fun if you know what you are doing. Gambling or staking on indeterminable matches can help clear your bankroll quickly. If you must stake a good amount of money on a football match, you must know exactly what you are doing.

1.   Sign up with a good sports book site. A sports book or bookie is a resource or website where punters place bets. Bad sports book will lure into placing bad bets since their intention is to make money.
Many reliable sports book services are available online. A quality bookie will give its punters good wagering tools for proper guidance and match statistics.

2.  Point Spread. A spread is the accuracy of a punter's wager and not the final score. Hence, its a range of possible outcomes that punters bet on. It is important to  remember this point. (Point Spread)

3.   Place your bets on the underdog. It's true that good teams win but bad teams cover the spread and since this strategy involves spread betting, the underdog will fetch more money because the odds are against them, hennce there is more returns to be made by betting on the underdogs. For example: Chelsea vs Dundee United, in this case Dundee United is the underdog, if bets are placed on Dundee United, a good point spread will be covered. Say placing a bet on "Both teams to score"

4.   Track your betting records. Keep a database of your wins and losses, team scores and other events. Before the season begins to hit up, you will be able to decode similar trends and make experienced decisions about what bets to make. Stop dragging your feet in the mud and work with the winning trends.

5.    Use a spreadsheet form for proper odds checking, obtaining real odds of matches, calculating how much to bet on a particular outcome, setting targets, etc. (I sell my spreadsheet bet tracker form and bet calculator for $15 Liberty Reserve or N3000)