Binary options trading with 1 Liberty Reserve USD

Hello distinguished readers,
Do you that forex trading can be gambled on? Do you that there is way to trade forex without having to sit for long hours monitoring the charts? Do you also mnow that you can make as much as 180% profit just by making a correct prediction of an option's price trend within 10minutes?
If you didn't know, now I am telling you that you can make as much as 180% profit in 10 minutes trading binary options just by making a correct prediction of currency and commodity price trends.

  • What is binary options trading?
  • How much can I earn each day?
  • How much is one lot of any currency/commodity?
These and many more questions can answered at

Don't settle for one source of income, multiple streams of income supercedes all, be you an entrepreneur or a civil servant. If football trading or any other money making venture doesn't work for you, try something else. Never give up!!!

Forex binary options is a lot more easier. All you need to do is predict whether the price of currency will go up or down. This can be done by simply using the Trader's Choice Tab.

Buy any amount of lots from one and above at $1 per lot ( YES One Dollar per lot)
Wait for the 10 minutes window to expire and if your prediction is right then you are in profit. So easy.
No domiciliary account needed.
Funding is free.
Liberty reserve is accepted.
Deposit with as low as $1.
To open an account visit
click on open new trading account
Fill in the necessary data
Enter FDYW in the partner code field
Submit and activate your account.  An sms and email will be sent to you, keep the information safely.
Login to the cabinet area.
Make your deposit via liberty reserve or any other medium,
When your deposit is confirmed, simply click on the forex options link
Set options, specify lot and click buy option and confirm trade.
Committed to your online success.


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  5. Thank you admin for your great advice and post.I gone through your post its very interesting and informative. Will you please provide some information about trade on binary options and their risks and rewards.


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