Perspective: Why I Started Blogging

Why I Started Blogging
Each time I look at my bank statement of the previous month’s transactions at the beginning of a new month, I smile and remember why I started blogging.

Google Adsense...

That was what triggered my motivation into the blogging community. I had all the necessary materials which pointed me towards the right direction. All I ever wanted to do was to write good posts that could bring in more clicks and eventually skyrocket my click impressions thereby increasing my Adsense earnings.

I had the right topics in mind, chose the best free blog provider I could easily understand and run.
Chose a good subdomain name for my free blogger account that reflected on my selected niche.

Keyword: Niche " Online Money Making Ventures"

At that time I was strongly into HYIPs " High Yield Investment Programs" so I named my blog

My very first post was about My Stunning Experience With Hyips and Other MLM and Cycler Programs. I was shocked at how much traffic the post drove and how many people I got under my downline through my affiliate links.

Most readers sent me emails applauding me on my post and how I honestly revealed so much about the HYIP scheme. They said that they thought they were the only ones who had experienced the problems I encountered in the HYIP business.
After hitting over 500 pageviews in 7 days on a new blog. By New Blog, I mean a blog without SEO Search Engine Optimization. YOU won’t believe it if I tell you that I only shared the link of my blog on my facebook page. ( )

The traffic the post drove fascinated me in an intriguing way. Adsense!!! I thought to myself, with United Kingdoms been the number one  traffic source country on my analytic overview I said aloud “ It’s time to sign up for adsense”.

Surely I did sign up for a Google Adsense account but  my application got disapproved the first time after which I continually wrote new posts to boost my audience and increase the appeal of my readers. At a point I thought my email or blog was faulty and so I deleted my blog and started afresh with another subdomain name, applied for Adsense and still didn’t get approved by Google.

I decided to open a new email and started another blog and even went ahead to start a wordpress blog but all my effort to get into Adsense proved futile.

As a newbie or practically a dummy in blogging, I never took time to study 
the Adsense terms and conditons. Little did I know that my blog content was against the terms and conditions of Adsense.

My blog and it’s purpose was good but the content wasn’t I repeat.

What Made My Blog Content Invalid???

In one simple word “gambling”. I didn’t know and also didn’t take note that gambling sites have no Adsense ads or links except Adwords hence weren’t accepted into Adsense. 

Customizing my Domain Name

Many times I had thought of customizing my domain name, to see if it would facilitate my Adsense approval, thank God I didn’t.

Blogging so far, has opened my eyes in the world of Internet marketing and various online businesses be it HYIPs, Sports Betting, Forex, Affiliate Marketing, Options Trading to mention but a few because it’s had to write about what you haven’t used or even answer questions on it.

I enjoy every experience I gain from blogging from outsourcing for 
information to writing reviews about products, services and programs I have used. Many of which I haven’t posted on my blog due to various reasons; data connection and time being the basic.

I won’t say I am a professional blogger; in fact I am still a novice mostly because I use free blogger and haven’t applied all the tools I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing of work online. Sometimes I get tired of writing in full details.

Even if I get a new domain name, I won’t stop using this free blogger account. 

How my free blogger finally paid off?

Adsense terms and conditions, having spilled the beans of the fact that I can’t monetize my blog due to my content got my thinking whether I had made a wasted effort. I hadn’t pondered about this for three days when someone posted a comment on one of my post telling me how much he admired my style and if I could help him out. He asked me to add him on Facebook for proper chatting flexibility and did. We chatted for a while and I told him I would spell out a guide for him on a customized ebook just for him for N4000, he made a fair bargain and I agreed to write the self explanatory ebook for him for N3500. I only accepted to write the book for him because I had experience in his area of inquisition.

It took me a day to write the ebook and it was on that same day that he paid me , so in the evening after completing the book I sent it to him and he was grateful. You must be wondering what I wrote about that made him to pay me N3500 instantly. I’ll tell you in the next picture from now.

The next day I sent him a message asking him what he thought about the book and he said that he took a quick glance and he thought it would be a 
good read but he was embarking on a journey and wasn’t chanced to go through it bit by bit.

That single effort trigger my sixth sense and inspired me to write a more comprehensive book which has sold over twenty copies in one month without proper advertising. Just yesterday I saw him online and asked him how he was doing and his reply startled me. Below is the chat conversation we had.

The Journey So Far

From the time of my first sale till now I have purchased several other books and written others on my own.

I have a Diploma in Computer Science and a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I worked as a manager in a cyber café in 2007. Back then, I had friends who were into Forex and other forms of internet business including scammers. I always shunned the scamming activities of some of my friends and embraced the way my good friends studied the Forex market and forecasted the trends of the market.

With my proficiency in Microsoft Office and other program, I carved out a niche amongst my friends and made good money doing software installations, formatiing PCs, flashing phones, research, powerpoint presentations, sourcing and selling special programs such as FL Studio,, etc because it was scarce then.

In 2009, I worked with Royal Ceramics Limited in the Maintenance and Fabrication department and also did photography and credit voucher cards sales parttime, I must confess that Photography is very lucrative. Recharge card selling isn’t that lucrative depending on your location but I enjoyed good patronage from the Indian expatriates hence good profits.

In 2011, I started investing in HYIPs, while most paid off others scammed and after balancing my investment sheets, I cut off the losses and noticed a good amount of profit. I was one of those who profited from Royalty7, MacroTrade, ICanINvest, Justbeenpaid (now Profitclicking) and so on. But if you ask me now I’ll tell you that the HYIP industry has been infiltrated by scammers.

In 2012, I continue trading forex on my demo trading account and towards the end of the year I opened a live trading account using $50 Liberty Reserve, it wasn’t funny at first after making huge losses till I got a book backed up with some handy EA indicators which presently make me atleast $8 daily after trading for 1 hour with 0.01 to 0.5 lot on GBP/USD and EUR/USD. In the same year, I started sports betting with planetofbets and it almost became an addiction especially with live odds betting, I later got control over myself and opened another betting account with nairabet.

In November 2012, I got in contact with a guy on Facebook with a facebook account name “Australia Epert compiler” whose real name is Emmanuel Onyenso, he told me that he traded for people on Nairabet VFLeague and guaranteed 50% profit after 7 days. My instincts told me that he was a scammer and many times I shunned him on Facebook and even told my friends not to invest with the guy. Three weeks later, I didn’t know what got into me and I paid N20000 into his account, 7days passed and up till now I haven’t been paid nor did I get my money. Two weeks later, I deposited N15000 into my Nairabet account and with all determination and anger I started to trade on the VFLeague.

I was with my friend Joshua on that faithful day and I remember him laughing at me saying “How can you bet on puppets, Who dey play the match sef?” I smiled and continue the study the statistics and game play. Before 2pm, Joshua looked at my account and was surprised to see N26000, “How come!!!” he exclaimed. “Guy, na logic”, I replied while withdrawing N16000. To my amazement, the following day Joshua got a modem, funded his Nairabet account, locked himself indoors and started trading on the VFLeague. In the evening of that same day, he came out to get some fresh air, seeing me he said “Guy, na JUJU u dey use?, o boy my money don finish, that thing hard oh”.

What Works For Goose May Not Work For The Gander.
I have also traded binary options with 24options, BetonMaarkets and 
InstaForex on both demo and live accounts.

Information is power, Knowledge is Wealth.

My Mistake, My Blessing, What Next

I only mistake I made when starting up was not getting a custom domain name and hosting on a paid server. I’m currently losing out on many webmaster tools like installing scripts, creating forms, SSL Server Encryption and so on but thanks to GSM connections and text messaging because almost all orders are placed by phone calls and SMS.

I know that there are many advantages to having a custom domain name for my blog and sundry but it’s better a have  4” X 4” shop on the ground where the business booms than having 25 hectares of office space on the sixteenth floor of a building without an elevator.

My offline job takes much of my time at times so if I don’t get on my blog for 
two weeks or more, I don’t get too bothered because I don’t pay for hosting. Notwithstanding, I still feel the need to start an information blog on a paid server but that’s pending for now.

If there is one thing that I’d say I am thankful of, it would be the numerous opportunities that the internet has offered me. ClickBank, Paypal, MoneyBookers and so on, banning Nigerians from their services was just another way of unleashing our through potentials. Come to think of it, “How much does an individual even earn from affiliate marketing daily?” Kuddos to Liberty Reserve…

If you have been reading attentively you should know the rest of the story by now. About how I got scammed and how it motivated me to break the jinx of Nairbet VFLeague. 
I am not perfect, before I started earning, I recorded a lot of losses too, but to me “Failure is an experience”. I didn’t lose, I paid the price of training.
Presently, I don’t go through all the stress most people do, I bet once a day on VFL, minimum stake of N5000 in one match, win my bet and that’s that, continue to focus on other issues of life.
In conclusion, the VFLeague isn’t a scam program, it just a normal program 
for people like me who can’t stand the tension of a 90 minute match. With VFLeague, a match lasts for just 2 minutes.

Here is a list of some books I have in my library, which are available now for anyone who is interested or has searched endlessly…
Nairabet VFL Success Strategy eBook
·        The Bet Calculator ( VFL/Fixed Odd Secret Strategy)s
·        $500 Everyday With Facebook Fan Pages
·        3 minisites
·        5 ways To Get Rid of Baby Fat
·        6 Steps To 6 Figures with List Marketing
·        7 Days To Easy Money
·        & Days To Profitable Blogging
·        21 Books
o   How to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety
o   How To Explode Your Sales
o   How To Improve Your Memory
o   I can Therefore I will
o   iBusiness For Newbies
o   IM Speed Guide Series
o   Instantly Create BEst Selling Products
o   Instant WordPress Themes
o   Internet Marketing For Today
o   Landing Page Resell
o   Learn Spanish
o   Learn The Guitar
o   List Building For Newbies
o   Media Auto Responder
o   Meditation
o   Niche riches
o   One Time Offer Template
o   Opt in List building
o   Playing Piano
o   Sales Page Primer
·        Advanced affiliate strategies
·        Affiliate Link Cloaker Pro
·        Animated gifs
·        article Pack
·        Backup servers
·        Blogging cash Course
·        Build A system that  Dominates Hot CPA Offers
·        Caring For Your Dog
·        ClickBank Buzz
·        Create A cloud Folder On Your Desktop
·        Create Stunning Video Slideshows For Free
·        Fat Loss Quickly
·        Host websites For Free
·        How To Set Domain Name Servers
·        Marketing Graphics Mega Pack
·        Membership Millionaire Tips Vol 1-3
·        Newbies Guide to Resell Rights
·        One Time Offer Template
·        Affiliate Cash Machines
·        Google Adsense Cash Cow
·        Private Label Content Riches
·        Road to PLR Riches Vol 1 & 2
·        Sales Page Primer Reloaded
·        So You Want To Be An eBay Seller
·        Squeeeze Page Profit system
·        Surf Privately
·        Traffic OverDrive
·        Tuberminator
·        Unlimited Adsense Income
·        Video Squeeze Page Generator
·        Website Templates Graphics Package
·        WP Golden Page
·        SEO Starter Guide
·        Audiobooks of 48laws of power, The Art of War, etc
PS: To place an order on any of the books, call 08165462833, 07063238224 or email

Before some people place orders, they claim to have seen a better offer on another site. Well, I am not bothered about the competition, I am contented with the price I set for any of my books because I know its content and value. The Nairabet VFLeague success strategy ebook still sells for N5000, whether the pirates like it or yes. A good job deserves a good wage.
Committed to your success.

Emmanuel Anyanwu.

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