Bookie Review:, CopyCat or CopyDog? is a Nigerian sports bookmaker site which offers a platform for all sports betting. It was launched not more than 5 months ago and claims to give bonuses on deposit just like Nairastake.
I read a post on Nairaland where someone asked this question “What’s the difference between and if not the colour?”

Design has almost the same design as except for an orange colour and a different layout of odds. It’s hosted on a secured server as the https:// indicates. Every other thing, from the static pages to the site map all have the same design features as except the logo, colour and domain name and that leaves a first impression which asks a series of questions…
  • ·         Is a scam site?
  • ·         Is the bonus for real?
  • ·         Will stand the test of time?
  • ·         Why should I open an account with a bookie that has no creativity?

Odds and Lines
Just like in Forex where a pip or pipette means a lot to the trader, in sports betting a 0.01 change in the odds means a lot to a punter. So, what’s the variation of’s odds compared to other bookie?
Looking at it from all angles, the odds of a seem to be the same with that of for Soccer. I mean, what really makes a bookie different from other if not the odds, markets, bonus and deposit/withdrawal options.

Funding and Withdrawals. offers the following modes of deposits and withdrawals
·         Via two Nigerian bank accounts
·         Via Liberty Reserve
·         MasterCard
·         Verve, Visa and so on
Unlike, claims to allow withdrawal of funds more than once a week.
While I can’t vouch for because I haven't tried them nor do i have an account with them, I still wonder why a newbie's minimum bet is N50 while an old timer like has a minimum bet of N20.

Virtual Football also offers the same Virtual Football Trading Platform as Nairabet, “The VFLeague” with the same teams, matches and window.
I don’t know about you but if you ask me I’ll tell you the truth….I’ll continue trading with until comes up with something unique.

VERDICT: is just a copy and paste version of with a different fragrance. While I can’t justify whether is a scam site because I haven’t used their service, I would advice punter to use their own discretion.


  1. Betting was never been easier. Bet365 offers your the best odds and the highest wins.
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  2. merrybet is an authentic betting company which I've tested and its confirmed, I played a bet and won, wanted to test their payout and I received an alert in less than three hours of my request. punters I don't need to think twice but to go with merrybet, they also have better odds than any betting site.

  3. I play with Merrybet and they are as real as they say they are. And yes the daily withdrawal is true...twice now i have gotten my payouts in less than 12 hrs. Although i agree there isn't much difference in their website layout with nairabet.

  4. The idea is quite simple: if you want to win money you have to bet with money.
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  5. nairabet needed a competitor to buckle up,and here comes merrybet. Though i havent withdrawn 4rm the site,alot of people have. Nairabet has lost me and my guys cus we are all of to MERRYBET

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