Perspective: 3 Freebies You Should Watch Out For, Take it or Leave it.

Bonuses, promotions, bonanzas, freebies, special offers are various ways sellers use to attract buyers whether in terms of actual goods or services provided. Everyone loves free things but do they last forever?
Freebies are incentives used to draw the attention of old and new customers to acquire new or existing products. Most people might think that losses may be incurred when freebies are given but the truth is that the main reason behind every freebie offered  is to advertise and promote a brand.

Every old-timer and newcomer loves bonus packages, these can be fun but what happens when the bonus stops flowing after sometime.
Do they continue maintaining their consumer loyalty or opt-out for another brand that currently offers bonuses during that time frame?
Though bonuses are good after long term patronage and during induction of new customers but to be very thoughtful are they worth it or is it just a tricky way to get new customers or more patronage and keep the oldies.

Telecomm bonuses.
When a GSM service provider offers bonuses e.g on free calls. Have you noticed that there is always a ' terms and conditions' that applies to it. It's either the bonus credits can inly be used to call subscribers that belong to the same network or it can only be used during off peak periods. In most cases, calls may not connect during peak periods. What do you when the bonus ends.

Betting and casino bonuses.
This kind of bonus is set up to attract gamblers. It's one of the most tricky kinds of bonuses. Tricky in the sense that most casinos or bookies except you to deposit a particular amount of funds or above to gain access to the bonus.
In the real sense one can't withdraw the bonus until the bonus has passed through a betting cycle. Some casinos require you to place a couple of  bets with the bonus before it can be converted to your balance. This also happens with sports bookies, here terms can be that you have to place accumulator bets on events above 1.5 odds for the bonus to be effective. Some may even take a percentage of your winnings as commission.

Forex bonuses
Forex bonuses given by brokers help to credit or boost your equity not your main balance. It acts in also the same way as the leverage but don't be decieved. Any profit or loss made is added or deducted from your actual balance, the bonus only acts as a support to boost ur margin and keep your position from hitting stop outs before the trend moves in your profit favour. Closing a position when your equity is in the bonus area actually drains your account leaving you with pennies if any. This forces you to always calculate your balance by subtracting the bonus from the equity.
So many people have many sim cards, bank accounts, Forex accounts, betting accounts, phones and so on because of their act of fishing and picking up bonuses from every open nook. Ask yourself, Is that bonus worth the stress or another pain in the limbs?

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