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Hello readers,
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Last month, I promised to post an offline business idea in this great phone of May. Well, here it goes.
Are you young, an undergraduate or a graduate, do you have good eyes, understand the spectrum of light, love attending events, parties, weddings? Are you someone that loves to seize good money making opportunities whether online or offline, are you a humble fast learner?
If your answers to the above questions are positive then you are fit for this business idea. It's a business that doesn't require too much capital, time and skill. All you need is to understand the effect of light and shadows on an object.
I started with something small, something that most people laughed at till I saved enough to get something standard. The profits are cool if you do this business part-time but cooler if you have an address with good equipments. This offline business used to be done without the use of a computer but with recent technological advances it is advisable to get a computer for proper tweaking.
Photography can easily be defined as the interpretation of an image captured with a pinhole camera, develping my the films and reproduction of the image on a paper. Well, it used to be so back in the  analog days but with the intervention of digital cameras, camcorders, webcams and other imaging devices, fewer pictures are printed these days.
No matter how people embrace soft copies of photos, hard copies are still widely used. There is no telling that most people still prefer to view handy old school photographs and this includes young and old because it doesn't need batteries or a display screen.
However there are so many people who prefer to have digital copies of their copies rather than digital prints but notwithstanding if the need to have a portrait arises then the need of printing a hard copy comes in.
The business idea I want to disclose is photography but before I give you a breakdown of what's needed to start up, let me share a personal experience with you.
During my Industrial Attachment with a company I wasn't paid much as a trainee so I had to come up with a means of making some money for upkeep and sundry. At that time, my aunt gave birth to a cute boy so out of hapiness and to keep memory of the event, I took a picture of my nephew with my Nokia N95 phone and later decided to print a copy of the picture at a photo studio.
My aunt was astonished when she saw the photograph of her newly born son and she asked "when did you take this?" The curiosity was as a result of the fact that she never saw me with a camera. I told that I had taken thw picture with my phone and she replied saying it was very clear and I should reprint the picture. She also said that when she dresses the baby properly she would call me to take another picture of him.
That was it for me, with my N95 phone I began taking shots and selling the photos to my coworkers. Not too long from the first event, my elder brother was the best man to his friend and I was invited to the wedding. I went to the church wedding and took some shots alongside the cameramen. The same scenario took place at the reception.
The Nokia N95 phone has a two way slide feature so leaving it at the centre makes it look like a digital camera equipped with a 5megapixels Carl Zeiss camera the pictures very clearly. Jo wonder the cameramen kept saying I should use my zoom lens and give them some space during the wedding event. I continued to take pictures at work, home and church still I made enough to buy a small digital camera.
At the end of my training, I had made a good amount of money.
If you were inspired by my true life story it's time to tell you how to go about it. You can start up small with the following:
  • A small digital camera with atleast 12MP and 5x optical zoom, so go for as low as $150, Canon or Sony.
  • A handy bag
  • A simple receipt
  • Atleast N5000 capital for printing jobs.
Before you start, get the camera and learn to set it up properly, also learn how to use the different modes and know when to use the flash. Make sure you get a spare battery because camera batteries drainly quickly.
Some areas require you to be registered but in Nigeria you can start simple with registration and see how people react to your pictures. If you can't get a photo printer, you can easily print your pictures at a photo lab. It's relatively cheaper when you act professional and ask them for their printing rates for cameramen and the cost of printing different photo sizes including passports.
A good strategy is to attend weddings and take good group photos. If you have a laptop connect your memory card and view all the pictures very well and select the best. Arrange the coolest pictures in a folder and quickly go to a lab and print the photos. Ensure that your pictures are ready before the reception party. Remember to add your signature and contact number to the picture.
Arrive at the venue of the reception early and sell your pictures to those you have already taken. In Nigeria, some people wear a different attire for the reception so if they pleased with your pictures they may take more snapshots.
Another strategy is to take photos at a higher institution. When I was in school I noticed how much girls loved to take pictures in the morning especially when they have fixed a new hair or purchased new clothes. Moreso, guys love to take pictures with random pretty girls just before they start hanging out hence making the photo stand a hunting ground.
There are many other cool places where one can source out for customers like during sports competition, parades, exhibitions, parks, beach, school debates, etc. You would even get a contract for taking passports of new students for passport processing. If your camera's lens is strong and your pictures are sharp, some people may offer to copy their pictures from your camera SD for a token, musicians always need album arts hence there is a need for a cameramen before photo-shopping. Some marriage couples assign one cameramen to take all their photos and make an photo album for them, the best out of which they enlarge to frame size photographs.
Want to go professional? You could even become a runway photographer taking pictures of models, take photos for magazines, almanacs, etc. No skill is useless, it all depends on your focus, determination and packaging.
Committed to your success
Emmanuel Anyanwu

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