Nairabet recently introduced its own version of Football Manager known as Soccerclub. The Nairabet Soccerclub is just like the Community Cup Leagues in Playstation 2 and 3 where 2 or more players select teams and play to win a Community Cup.
Nairabet SoccerClub features three cups, two out of which you can earn from and one for testing; they are Mini Cup, Super Cup and Free Cup respectively. The games are played in a KnockOut format, i.e No Home And Away Games
Mini Cup
The Mini Cup consists of a maximum of 4 Teams with a static stake of N400 to win N1440 for the team that wins the cup.
Super Cup
The Super Cup consists of a maximum of 8 Teams with a static stake of N200 to win N1440 for the team that wins the cup.
Free Cup
The Free Cup is the same as the Super Cup except that here no stake is required. It�s a medium for testing the SoccerClub and understanding how it works.
When a stake is placed on the Mini Cup, N360 is placed and N40 is charged for maintenance while in the Super Cup takes N20 for maintenance and places a stake of N180.
The SoccerClub Interface has some key features.
� Information bar; displays the get new team, team attributes, username, account balance, team logo, cups played, cups won, help and sound control icons.
� Dashboard; used to manage team, pick formation, adjust tactics, drag and drop players/substitutions.
� Select Cups; Mini, Super and Free Cups.
� Joined Cups; where to view matches and statistics.
� Cash box; confirms stakes and cups then click Join to submit slip.
To start the SoccerClub on Nairabet, click SoccerClub
First things first
� Get a new team by clicking the first green icon that looks like a fuel tank symbol
� Manage your new team by picking a formation, adjusting the team tactics (ie Defense, Midfield, Attack strategies), drag and drop players to make a change. The bar under each player jersey shows the player�s strength and stamina.
� Select a new cup or join an open cup.
� Confirm the Cups Joined at the Cashbox and click Join
� After the waiting timer elapses, the competition will begin.
� You can view a matches, make substitutions and make tactical changes while a match is been played.
� The graphics of the game are just like that of the VFLeague.
� If your team doesn�t win its match, your team will be knocked out of the cup.
Note: Ensure that you have the latest Adobe flash Player installed on your computer to effectively run the SoccerClub platform.
Committed to your success.
Emmanuel Anyanwu.

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