Merrybet Introduces Prepaid Cards as Deposit Option

Two days ago, I wrote another review on where I said the competition between Nigerian bookies was getting hotter. Funny enough it seems the heat was increased behind the scenes as introduced a new way to fund your merrybet account. has just introduced a prepaid card as a depositing option. It's just like every other prepaid card where you gently scratch to reveal a pin and then load. The prepaid card contains a 16 digit pin which can be used to instantly deposit money into your betting account.

To use the Merrybet prepaid card follow the steps below.

Buy a prepaid card from a vendor,
Scratch gently with a coin to reveal the 16 digit pin,
Register a account for new users, click here or Login with your username for existing users,
Click on Deposits, then click on Prepaid which next to Interswitch.
Enter the pin in the tab provided, Click Load and waaalaaaah!!! Your account gets credited instantly.

Note that if the pin is entered incorrectly after 5 attempts it will be blocked.

This new development will help those who are scared of using their ATM cards to fund due to internet hacking and fraudophobia  and also those who find it hard to go to the bank to make deposits due to stressophobia likewise.

The circulation of these prepaid cards however shouldn't be limited to Lagos -the centre of Nigerian punters- but should be spread nationwide. It's no longer logical to know that prepaid cards can be used as a means of advertising.

To register a merrybet account today, just click this link.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Emmanuel Anyanwu

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  1. so how and where can i get the prepaid card to buy since i don't live in lagos? cos i stay in zaria kaduna state and i realy want to pertispate in this


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