Raincheck: Sports betting, Vfleague

Good morning my beloved readers,
The big leagues are still on holidays, a lot of jokes have  been said concerning a certain player whose transfer is taking too long 'player's name starts with a H'. My Mytrafficvalue.com investment payout just got completed and wondering which ecurrency to exchange and transfer my funds to, Perfect money or Webmoney since the shutdown of Liberty Reserve. Newbies will be like 'what's mytrafficvalue.com?' I'll talk about that some other time.
While many bloggers stuff their articles with keywords, do SEO optimisation, exchange links all to drive traffic to their sites for advertising profit, I spend good time researching how to increase my bet winnings. For some time, I have been watching the Nairabet.com Vfleague matches and I'll tell you that not much has changed.
While talking to an old buyer of my ebook, he said that the advice I give anytime he  calls me really boosts his trading plan and profits. In the world of sports betting even the staff of the betting company look for tips to win huge bets. If you even know agents play as well. I am always open to converse about several topics whether forex, binary, sports betting, funding or withdrawal issues. No wonder my girlfriend asked me whether I was a consultant or a customer representative.
I am yet to hear from anyone who used my strategies and didn't make atleast  N100000 in the first month of trading the vfleague. Well, I will be publishing a revised edition of my package which will include some tweaks by September and will likely sell for N10000. Yes nairbet vfleague for N10000. I checked and saw others selling their binary options, forex and importation manuals for N15000 and above. If my strategies have been proven to bear fruit N100000 and above to a select few then why sell it cheap.
People keep asking me whether I have other ebooks for sale. Well, it will interest you to know that I have been researching binary options but I am yet to comply my journal of potential indicators for successful binary trading. I write my books based on experience and experience comes with losing money till the perfect strategy is found. Any scientist will tell you that research work is expensive, it also applies to business especially sports betting.
Anyway my Nairabet vfleague success strategy ebook still sells for N3500 till the end of July after which it will go back to its original price. From the first of August, I won't listen to any plea for price reduction consideration.
Pls remember to always stake what you can afford to lose, use proper risk and money management and keep to a daily target.


  1. The ebook on nairabet vfl ebook has been so helpful to me.Sincerely, i can't but say thank you to Mr Emmanuel.My finances has improved while my profit daily has raising to averagely 30k per day,Purely gained from trading vfl. Get the requirements first,opportunities will come! Get,Nairabet vfl ebook today, you will not regret you did. oluwafemi

  2. Along with following the tips mentioned in the article, one must decide his betting budget. Once he has place bets for a specific amount, it is important to control himself from putting extra money.

  3. That's why there's a special chapter on money and risk management inline with eliminating greed from trading plans. Once you hit ur daily target, reset, take a break cos u can't wreck the bookies in one day else they'll limit your account. Sticking to a budget and target are both ideal for safeguarding your betting investment.

  4. Gambling or sports betting is a passion for many people and many of them are very excited for that.Also they can get an advise from an expert or some websites where they can go for that.

  5. Nice article, ill keep reading more off these gambling articles, it makes me want to go gamble and win some money.

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