Sports Bookmakers Are Businessmen As Well As Punters

Sports bookies aren't out there to give you free money. They invest a lot of money to create/maintain their website, update their source code to maintain reasonable odds, pay their customer service representatives, upgrade their servers, pay an accountant, script writer, agents, lawyer, including publicists, promoters, affiliates etc. In doing all these one can conclude that they run a business and every businessman sets out to make profits hence they provide various markets and sports hoping that 95% of punters will lose their bets which doesn't make them any different from Money Maker Forex Brokers.

The sports bookmarker provides the website, platform, lines, markets, various sports including virtual sports, financials which may including binary options and so on. It is also their responsibility to ensure that funds can be deposited and withdrawn easily in and out of punters accounts respectively. While most deposits are instant especially when using credit/debits cards and ecurrencies, others take awhile like funding through an agent, bank transfers or Western Union.

Depositing funds into a betting account is easy through local bookies but some internatinal bookies require ID/passport, Utility bills and address verification to process withdrawals on the other hand especially for large withdrawal sums. The verification process is more like a security measure or a way to ensure that only persons above 18 who are responsible are allowed into the system not some kid stealing his parents money to place bets. Regardless of that fact, it's really an issue for qualified citizens of some countries to get verified.

Countless number of bets are placed hourly as games are played around the clock in different regions of the world which I guess makes sports betting a volatile market, this in turn is kept in check by betslip numbers or transaction ids. Betslip numbers hence help sports bookies to quickly track bets and identify any error or dispute claimed by customers.

Probability; a simple topic in mathematics is what keeps the bookies in business for years. It is almost impossible for 100% of punters to win daily, infact studies show that there's always a minimum of 10% profit made of all possible outcomes of an event. So whether a punter places a wins or loses a bet, profit is recorded. However, most bookmakers are insured and regulated and also have stake and withdrawal limits, some accounts even get limited or blocked if excessive winning activity of high amounts are recorded daily.

Unlike poker, tossing a coin or throwing a dice, sports can be analysed statistically. However, a punter's job is simply to analyse, strategize and stake wisely on possible outcomes. There are different betting systems out there that punters use but don't be decieved because the bookies also research and where once punters. Do some bookies bet on other bookies' platform? If they did and there was a special system to always win then some bookies would have wrecked others, afterall they were once punters. Hence gambling funds should be taken as an investment and not a get rich quick scheme, so punters are advised to only stake what they can afford to lose.

Did you know that some football club managers, coaches and players also place very high stakes on upcoming events hence put in their best to win their matches? Imagine all the Manchester United players and staff staking on bet365 that their team will win in a match against Arsenal and watch how active and highly spirited they will be and how their overall performance will be enhanced

Sports betting is like a business and if you haven't recorded enough profits to offset some bills and possibly made some savings out of it then stop and look elsewhere. I wouldn't be promoting sports betting or writing this particular post if sports betting itself isn't the source of some of my passive income. That's why I prefer calling it sports trading. It's not gambling when a source of data to analyse.

Religious fanatics say the sports betting is a sin, what about trading Forex and logistics but that will be a topic for another day. Have a lovely weekend and remember to stake wisely.

Emmanuel Anyanwu,

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  1. Do some bookies bet on other bookies' platform?

    Of course they do... The 80% of the money in betfair are bookies money!


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