Get Value odds Betting on Ice hockey, Basketball and Baseball

I spent the whole night studying trends,stats and picking value odds on ice hockey, baseball and basketball. Researching new strategies is very tedious. One must have various systems up his sleeves to maximise profits in sports betting. I must confess that MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL are my cash cows for value odds this month and I'm working very hard to maintain my 70% strike rate this season. Infact, I practically enjoyed live betting on NHL and NBA preseason last night on bet365 and nairabet, "shopping value odds" you'd say.

During my research I compared odds between nairabet and bet365, I was amazed at my shocking discovery. I discovered that there were some sports in which nairabet odds were higher than that of bet365. So while bet365 leads nairabet in soccer odds, it varies in other sports. I always that bet365 had more markets than nairabet during ice hockey and basketball live betting. It finally confirmed the statement which states that "every bookie is unique in it's own way" - value odds.

I've got some wonderful ebooks that elaborate over 50 successful betting systems and fund management tips. I'm also writing a new ebook on my working systems for 4 different sports that I've been betting this season besides virtual sports.

It is certain that one must encounter winning and losing streaks while betting on sports, it's the ability to win more than you lose that matters. If out of 200bets with each bet with odds above 1.80, you are sure to make profits if you win 140 and lose 60bets provided you stick within a value odds range of 1.75 and above which gives a 75% payout per winning bet averagely.

It's very important not to get emotional during a losing streak. Try as much as possible not to chase your losses, just keep steady and manage your funds wisely. Remember that liquidity is the key, you can bet if your betting account depletes to zero.

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