How bookmakers fix the odds before the game.

Bookmakers use various set rules to fix the odds before the start of a game and this is done automatically.

There are several factors which they consider and these can lead to the increase or decrease of odds before a game kicks off.

- Statistics: Bookies take into consideration the last 5 to 10 games performance, Home and Away Record, H2H, goals scored and conceded, etc.

-Team: Player injuries, current form, suspensions, motivation, team work and chemistry, morale, etc.

-Home Advantage: Home Stadium, effect of supporting fans and cheers.

-Weather conditions.

-Money already staked on each outcome.

Bookies use technology and professional experience to compile odds. Hence most of them are club sponsors so getting insider information won't be so hard.

As a punters of fixed odds, do not allow dropping odds fool you, always stick to your guts and analysis.

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