How To Get A Visa card For Funding Bet365 and Other Bookie Accounts

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Not too long ago I wrote about the reasons why you need a bet365 account. As for me the main reason I use bet365 is because of their live betting markets and their odds. I also wrote about betting account verification.

Getting a Visa that works internationally online shouldn't be a problem for my foreign readers. So this post I basically for my African readers, Nigerians to be precise.

I know that you must have tried to fund your bet365, William Hill, bet@home or Pinnacle account with the normal Visa ATM cards given by most banks but to no avail. Well, it seems those Visa cards don't work on foreign cards.

The major cards that can be used are UBA africard, Access Visa Card, Zenith Visa card and GTB Mastercard but the best and recommended is the UBA africard. The best thing about the Africard is that you don't need to open an account with the bank. There are two types of cards available: the personalised and blank card. The blank card is instant as it has no card holder name printed on it but what you need is the personalised one.

Here is how to get the UBA Africard

Just walk into a UBA branch, ask for Africard application and you'll be directed accordingly,

Request for a personalised Africard,
You'll  be required to provide a passport photograph, a valid ID card or Driver's licence and some cash.
After applying you'll be told that the Africard will be ready in a week's time.

To fund the card, you'll be charged N100 each time but withdrawals with the card is free at any UBA ATM machine.

When you receive the card make sure you ask for the ipin because it's not too visible on the acknowledgement letter.

Now, you can fund your bet365 account with ease. Still don't have a bet365 account, Click here

Note that your first deposit on bet365 can be doubled with the 100% bonus so it's advisable to fund the card with over $100 the first time to enjoy the bonus wholesomely.

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  1. Hi,, my Name is Godspower an avid follower.I'm about to register for a bet365 account,,but the thing is I went to apply for an Africard with UBA,but they said since I have valid documents I should just get a savings account,then apply for a Mastercard that will serve me better than Africard! So I did,and I've been using the card online both on local and foreign sites! But my question is this...will this debit Mastercard be accepted at bet365??

    1. Yes of course, it will work but when the time comes for you to make withdrawals you'll have difficulties withdrawing funds back to the card. That's the issue with using a mastercard. Thanks for stopping by.

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  3. Please is there any charges incurred while withdrawing frombet365 using uba visa africard. I use gtb nairamastercard before to fund and withdraw and in each withdrawal, they charge me $20 for bank transfer which is too high. I want to change to visa, is there any charges??

    1. There's no charge when withdrawing with the UBA Visa card.


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