Is Gambling Addictive?

An addiction is any habit or behaviour that one cannot control. Being an addict to anything makes you a slave to that thing. If you can't stay for a week without doing something, it's probable that you are addicted to that thing. Every behaviour that controls you is addictive. Just like smoking, gambling can be addictive. The very first sign which shows one is under the influence of gambling is stepping out of your bankroll and using money meant for something very important to gamble. 

Gambling has wrecked alot of guys and ladies in our community at large. Yes, ladies do gamble. Apart from what you watch on TV. Ever gone to buy a lottery ticket? Didn't you see a lady in the queue? Many times we hear about responsible gambling and compulsive gambling, the former is better than the latter. Not been able to go through a day without gambling can be regarded as compulsive. I wouldn't spell out the core differences between the both but a google search of both terms would be very explanatory. 

Oh Yes my friend, gambling can be very addictive and it even gets worse when one has to borrow money to gamble, which is the worst stage. I'm on a whatsapp group where punters come together to share predictions and analysis. There is a particular guy that always begs for some dollars to gamble with to pay back later. I always tell him that if gambling makes you broke why not quit it rather than borrowing money to wreck the bookies and always coming back to borrow more.
There are various ways to cut down the rate at which you gamble online. One major way is the empty the account through which you fund your betting account into a fixed deposit account which has no debit card. Very often, most gamblers fund their betting accounts more than they withdraw from it to the extent that their card details gets memorized.
In conclusion, if you detect that you have a gambling problem, quickly invest your money into a business, get rid of your credit card, get rid of your internet connection, spend more time at a offline job, get a new hobby, leave betting forums, seek help or get a handler and above all pray.
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