Precautions You Must Take When Registering A New Betting Account

Often times many people open betting accounts, deposit funds and bet peacefully without hedges but when the time comes to withdraw their winnings they begin to encounter unnecessary problems and hence say they have been scammed even before calling a customer representative.
To ensure that you have no problem when withdrawing your funds from your betting, follow these steps.

When opening  a betting account make sure that you use your real name and that the names you use correspond with that of your bank account.

Also ensure that the name during registration corresponds with that of the card used for deposit and withdrawals.

Where verification is required, ensure that you submit the required documents necessary for effective verification, these may include birth certificate, utility bill, international passport and so on depending on the bookie.

Some bookie need an address verification so ensure that you use a valid address and postal code so to get your PVC which will be sent to you.

It's wiser to use a Visa card because it allows both deposits and withdrawals unlike mastercard which can only be used for deposits.

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