Versatility In Sports Betting

Sports betting as the name implies means betting on the outcome of a sport played locally or internationally with standard and recognised officiating. Sports available for betting include soccer, ice hockey, American football, Volleyball, Horse racing, futsal, basketball, etc.

Over the course of my research, I've been able to come to a hypothesis which states that most beginner punters bet more on soccer than other sports. Atleast 70% of new punters do so. This isn't the case of professional punters.

The main aim of this article is to point out the fact that other sports are also very profitable. Let's take basketball for example, the odds for the over/under total points market in basketball is usually between 1.60 to 2.10 which is a good price to point on. In comparison to soccer, in a league where over 3 goals are scored averagely per game, the odds for over/ under are usually ranging as the odd for over 2.5 goals may be 1.25 while that of  under 2.5 goals would be around 1.70.

A good punter explores the markets, finds the sport or fixture with the best odd value and carrys out an intensive fundamental and statistical analysis on the upcoming events. This may take hours but that's where the hard work comes in. Often times people think that punting is just a game of luck and wits but mathematicians would tell you differently because the odds value are calculated based on probability. Odds above 1.50 are worth exploring as to risk to get 50% profit on the amount staked.

Ice hockey, Basketball, Handball and Baseball are good sports which can easily be analysed and understood with a simple search on Wikipedia to learn the game play and standard officiating rules. Beach soccer is also very good with reasonable odds.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket, learn other sports and how to bet on them to enjoy maximum profits every betting season.

If your local betshop doesn't offer games in other sports and reasonable odds with variety of markets, you can open an online betting account with the following online sportsbook which are very easy to fund:

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