Betting On Ice Hockey

Betting On Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a popular sport across North America, but also in Northern and Eastern Europe.

The biggest and richest league in the world is the NHL, which comprises of 23 teams fromthe USA as well as seven from neighbouring Canada.

The climax ofthe NHL brings the post-season and, eventually, the Stanley Cup, with the Montreal Canadiens the most successful team of all-time with 25 wins.

Betting on ice hockey is centred around game lines, which entails handicapping one teamand deciding which side to back, or goals markets, with an over/under lineshifting depending on the participants.

How To Bet On Ice Hockey

Puckline betting is ice hockey's version of the runline in baseball. In this case, bookmakers will give one team a 1.5 goal handicap much like they give one club a 1.5 run handicap with baseball runlines.

You will often see it listed by your preferred bookmaker in the following way:

New York Rangers -1.5 2.90
Chicago Blackhawks +1.5 1.40
Much like baseball betting however, the puckline is not as popular as straight up moneyline betting (head to head without any handicap). One of the reasons is that it is a difficult form of betting to succeed at. A team's potential against the moneyline is much easier to frame as scoring events and margins in such a low scoring sport can tend to be more random than other sports.

Betting on the total number of goals scored in a game is a very popular type of ice hockey betting. Typically the number of goals scored in a NHL games varies between 5 and 7.

So how can you win betting on goal totals in ice hockey? The first thing you should do is to not give to much consideration to a team's goal averages. Averages can often give a distorted picture. What you should rather do is keep track of goal total occurrences. For example, games that featured the Los Angeles Kings might have had an average of 5 goals scored over their last 20 games. But what if two of those games only saw a single goal scored? The average of 5 goals is going to be distorted by these two very low scoring games.

Nairabet and Stakersden offer a wide range of Ice hockey markets including handicaps and over/under markets.

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