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Ice hockey carries the title of America’s fourth favourite sport, but this breathtakingly high-tempo sport can be just as fun to watch as its more followed counterparts, thanks to its no-holds-barred combination of action, skill and, of course, fights. The elite competition takes place in North America's NHL, where 30 teams across the USA and Canada compete throughout the league season to qualify for the playoffs for the coveted Stanley Cup.

A key advantage to ice hockey betting is that there are several games in quick succession, allowing the experienced gambler to profit from a team's busy schedule. Teams can play back-to-back matches, travelling long distances, often with long runs of away fixtures, and this can result in tired performances after a couple of weeks - making the NHL betting markets potentially lucrative.

The over/under goals odds of an ice hockey game features odds ranging from 1.50 and above. A good strategy that I employ is staking on the over 0.5 goal in 1st market at 10minutes during inplay on some NHL games. Chances of winning such bets are usually 65-35.

The gameplay

Ice hockey is a team sport played on ice in which skaters use sticks to shoot a hard rubber hockey puck into their opponent's net to score points. In some countries, such as Canada, the United States and those of Europe like Sweden among others, it is known as "hockey"; the name "ice hockey" is used in countries where "hockey" generally refers to field hockey.

A team usually consists of four lines of three forwards, three pairs of defensemen, and two goalies. Five members of each team skate up and down the ice trying to take the puck and score a goal against the opposing team. Each team has a goaltender who tries to stop the puck from going into the goal.

The game consists of 3 periods. Each period lasts for 20 minutes. If the game ends a draw at regular time, overtime is played following by penalties.

Some bookmakers offer Money Line which rules out the draw outcome while others don't. To lock in profits securely it's preferable to play with bookmakers that offer such markets.

The over/under market is also nice market with good odds though the total goals are calculated in regular time.

Puck line is ice hockey's handicap line where the favorites give a negative puck.

Draw no bet is another way to secure your bet if your bookmaker doesn't offer Asian Money Line.

Check the bookmaker for more markets.

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