How To Make Money On or VFLeague

Making Money on or VFLeague is easy. Though there is no 100% strategy but with my 75%, you are sure to be in profit. I was test running some new strategies very early this morning and I made 8 out of 10
therefore tripling my bankroll.

The truth is that actually people lose alot on VFLeague but a select few know the ropes. All it takes is time, patience, study and practice. I've helped you with 3/4 of the things needed. Now all u need to do practice.
My VFLeague strategy ebook covers alot of aspects of the VFLeague in such as a way that even a rookie can make use of it. If you observe the screenshot, you will notice that I used very small stakes. Yes, that is to show newbies that you don't need to rush it as the VFLeague is not a get rich quick scheme.

13 Rules To Make Money on VFLeague
1. Understand the Platform: You need to know the VFLeague platform well.
2. Know the Strong and Weak Teams
3. Study the past and recent statistics
4. Study the table.
5. Build a strategy by finding patterns and favorable markets.
6. Know the markets
7. Learn to decode outcomes from available handicaps
8. Set a target for each season
9. Be disciplined
10. Don't let greed to make you increase your stakes
11. Know when to enter and quit
12. Ensure that you withdraw funds daily after hitting your target
13. Save your data bundle by turning off the Flash video
You can get my VFLeague Strategy ebook now for just N3500, get a free bet calculator and the manual as bonus.
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