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It's tiring, the way people call me up and chat me up for a few tricks on or VFLeague. They seem to be quite persuasive as some even go as far as saying "Give me for free since you make so much". I've finally learnt to say NO.

Some time ago, I wrote about my initial ordeal with the VFL platform, how I even lost some money to scammers. I personally lost more than a N100,000 trying to revenge i.e. beat the program- till I learned it the hard way. It'll be very stupid of me to let go of my revised strategies for free and let it go viral on the Internet. It may even trigger a total change of the VFL program code.
A reader once called and asked me whether the VFLeague will stop soon and I answered "NO". The reason is that there are still a lot of people who are new to it and still think it's a get rich quick scheme hence they lose alot to the bookies. Very few people know the key to profiting from the or VFLeague so the program will stay.

Recently a prospective customer pleaded that I should extract one or two strategies from one strategy book and sell it at a cheaper rate say N1500 rather than the full package which goes for N5000. Though I told him of all the bonuses included in the full package which are
- the VFL spreadsheet
- the spreadsheet manual
- tennis betting ebook
- Ladbrokes VFL ebook, etc.

Yet he pleaded for just one strategy for N1500. Well, I've taking it into consideration so I've decided it give in.
You can now get one killer VFL strategy for N1500
You can also get the VFL strategies ebook for N3500.
For the full package which includes all the ebook mentioned above plus the "Bookies Buster" -a betting ebook for all major sports- for N5000.
The Sports betting ebook and Live betting ebook go for N1500.
For inquiries and purchase, Call me on 07063238224, 08165462833.
Have a lovely week.

Emmanuel Anyanwu

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